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JABBerwocky Marionettes
Artistic Director
Puppet Designs, Creations and Performances

JABBerwocky Marionettes- Chicago based Touring Puppet Theater,
combines Shadow Puppets, Hand puppets, Rod puppets, Bunraku Puppets, Body Puppets, and Marionettes in unique and mesmerizing performances. Perfect for festivals, museums, libraries and unique events.
Jabberwocky Productions - designs and creates custom artistic designs for film, commercial and Theatrical Companies.

Artist/Designer - Amber Marsh has brought Jabberwocky Marionettes into a new realm of Amazing Productions which now include Displays, Theatrical Sets, Murals, Bronze Sculptures, Paintings and Workshops.

Available Original Performances:
'Cosmic Puppet Show'
'Bike Love'
'Planet Earth Puppet Show'
'Shadow Puppet Theater'
'Roaming Puppets'

To Book a Performance or Custom Project
Call - 773-573-6885                  
or write to -

Puppet Projects and Performances:
The Field Museum - 'Roaming Puppets' for Members' Night since 2000
The Odd Machine - Stop-motion Animation Commercials,Telly Award for Mini Abe
Bennington College - Sunfest and Moonfest 2014
'Alien Queen' - A Jonny Stax Production
Hell In A Hand Bag Productions - The Birds, Caged Dames, Shadow Puppets for 'HAYWIRE' , 'SCARRIE' - Set Design, Pussy On The House - Skip the Racoon Hand Puppet, Caged Dames - Hand Puppet RAT
Chicago Costume - Holiday Displays and Murals
The John G Shedd Aquarium - Parade Puppet Lizard 30' and Beluga Whale and Calf, Bigger than Life Parrot Fish with animations of mouth, eyes, fins, tails and special pooping animation, Life-size Puppets of Jellyfish, Sea Turtles, Sting Ray, Leafy Sea Dragon, Golden Trevally, Lionfish, including 'Nickel' the Sea Turtle
The Harold Washington Library Center - Bookamania and Chicago Library Tours
Walter E Smithe Furniture Commercial - 'Sale That Rocks' marionettes
The Lyric Opera of Chicago - Artistic Actor 'The Ring Cycle'
Hystopolis Productions - 'The Adding Machine' , 'Ubu Roi' and an original play written by Lon Extract, 'Dracula, The Puppet Show'
Taste of Lincoln Ave,
Links Hall, Nasty Brutish Short - The Odd Dream, Myopia, Scarlet Maccaw, The Centaurs, The Dragon vs Hero Puppet Spectacle
Willow Creek Church - Winter Pageant 2009
The Mayor's Office Of Special Events - Taste of Chicago
Co-Author of ‘Julie Taymor, Art on Stage and Screen’
ABC 7 Chicago News - Harry W Porterfield's series "Someone You Should Know"
12th Chicago Critcal Mass Bike Art Show 2009 - 'Bike Love', 'Infinite Cycle' and 'Return of Quetzalcoatl' with fAbrics
Aloft Loft - Puppet Shorts at 'El Circo Cheapo'
Columbia College, The Seldoms Dance Company- 'The Waning Tree' and 'Falling Man's Dreams'
(the list goes on)
Co Founder of The Bennington Puppets, VT - Long String Marionette Touring New England and National Tours
Kenny Rogers Holiday Show - Marionette Toy Soldiers (6')
JELL-O Corporation Puppet Show Tour - 3 year national tour
Focusfish, LA - Sea Creature Puppets
Indy Fringe Fest, IN - 'Bike Love' with Schwinntonations
Elsevier Corporation, NYC - Custom Puppet show
NYC - Ren Festival for 8 years with Bennington Puppets