Golden TrevallyLizard LanternDiverLizard LanternMoon JellyFishShadow Puppet Lizard LanternLizard Shadow Puppet LanternMoon JellyfishKomodo Dragon Parade PuppetKomodo Dragon Puppet with Open MouthKomodo Dragon Lizard Parade PuppetKomodo Dragon Puppet with PirateSea Dragon PuppetLion FishSting RayDiverDiver'Nickel''Nickel' Sea Turtle PuppetParrotFishThe Green Moray Eel PuppetSea TurtleSea Turtle
The Shedd Aquarium Puppet Projects
Puppets Built for the Shedd Aquarium Photo Gallery. (The Sea Turtle was one of the first.) I really enjoyed meeting and studying these amazing sea animals while building, designing and performing these many puppet projects.