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“KING TUT” The Puppet Show
puppet theater using all forms of puppets, music, lights and special effects.
Family Show - All Ages
Performance Length - 60 min
90 minute set up
30 minute strike

The performance begins with a brief introduction in Puppetry and Ancient Egyptian Mythology.
"KING TUT” The Puppet Show - journey to the ancient Egyptian world of the Nile as shadow puppets of it's many beautiful creatures; scorpions to hippos, come to life in the Dessert paradise. The little Rod Puppet Mummy will introduces each scene with magical ,humorous and charming silent vignettes. Meet little King Tut, the marionette, as a young boy with his ancient toys. Some things haven't changed, like bedtime. Explore and discover King Tut's tomb with Howard Carter as a shadow puppet, pick axe and lantern in hand. Ancient music accompanies the puppet journey with the exception of the Howard Carter scene, we use a very English piece. Experience "The Book Of The Dead". Follow amazing mythological shadow puppet characters to the other side of the river.
This family show can also be performed for specific young age groups